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Justin Brown Jewelry is handcrafted in Boston, fueled by an obsession with all things pave, and grounded in a passion for the world of couture design. Established in 2015, Justin Brown Jewelry is for anyone who appreciates a true maker. Unique stones set in unexpected formation, elegant designs, and vintage art deco inspiration all come together for a line of jewelry that is begging to be stacked, layered and worn in all your wildest wardrobe ways. 


Justin Brown Jewelry began with an everlasting token of affection, the engagement ring he made for his wife. Still madly in love with this piece, Justin brings this same spirited devotion to all his wearable works of art. Look for color and abrupt lines. Wait for 14K gold to marry with sterling silver. Then get going with combinations of stones, metals and design elements that will turn heads. Justin Brown Jewelry is an evolving collection of must-haves for the daring daydreamer, and can't-live-withouts for the night schemer.

Boston, Massachusetts | justinbrownjewelry@gmail.com | (860) 670-3554

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